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Puchiko Pillow [05 May 2010|02:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I have been trying for years to find this Puchiko pillow since I have the other three of the set.
It looks like this but in yellow with Puchiko on it.
If anyone knows where these are still available online or is willing to part with one let me know.

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Collection of random stuff [01 May 2010|01:20am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I have a small collection of Digi charat stuff I'm getting rid of. I thought I'd offer it here first in case anyone likes it. Pretty much everything is new. Willing to negotiate on price.
Mostly I just need it to go so I'm willing to sell cheap if anyone wants it.
Alot are things like pins and keychains the first image is the Chocola 2002 art book with prints its nice. I'll answer any questions about any item.

Pictures!Collapse )

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DiGi Charat Specials & Movie RAW Downloads [12 Sep 2009|09:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Is there any one who could please give me the english tranlation for the song "Powerful Summer"? I've been looking all over the net for the translated version and can't find it. I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thanx in advance.

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Selling Di Gi Charat Soundtrack CDs and Character Single [27 Aug 2009|05:34pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm selling this lot of five CDs for a total of $5. That's just one dollar per CD! (Not selling them separately, though.)

Go to my journal to buy. :)

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[21 Jan 2009|10:56pm]

Hello! I put my OFFICIAL~ (not one of those homemade ones!) Deijiko hat on ebay! Please check it out, all information is in the auction- click the image to go to it, thanks!

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[16 Dec 2008|09:10pm]


Di Gi Charat items like this and more at my journal! ^__^
Click HERE
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goods and manga for sale [07 Sep 2008|02:03pm]


Hey guys~
I have lots of rare goods, rare doujinshi, and manga for sale!
Hurry 'cause they are going out fast...:D

Come to my LJ: http://mymesu.livejournal.com
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[07 Sep 2008|09:55pm]

Hi hi!

I have 2 super cute Puchiko plushes and a clear file folder for sale in my store. Check them out at Panda Sales! Thanks! ^o^
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[31 Aug 2008|09:08pm]

Hey all!

I still have a DiGi Charat clear file folder and two Puchiko plushes available in my selling journal! Check them out at Panda Sales! Thanks! ^o^v
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Somnio RPG - Multifandom [30 Aug 2008|12:55pm]

thought [thawt]
1. the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought.
2. the capacity or faculty of thinking, reasoning, imagining, etc.: All her thought went into her work.
3. perhaps the simplest and yet the most complicated aspect of humanity: control the world’s thoughts, and you control the world.

Humans cannot be trusted enough to think and act on their own. Emotion and instinct block out rational thought far too often, and people become dangerous – to themselves, to others and to the very world itself.

And that is why research facilities – such as this one – are located across the nation; to monitor, research, and learn to control human thought.

The best lead discovered so far is, in fact, one’s dreams – the rawest, deepest and most natural form of thought. This facility in particular has become quite dedicated to researching the dreams of its ‘guests’ – despite what they may know or think they know.

Controlling their thoughts, after all, is what we strive to do.

Opening Soon!

Further Reading
More InformationFacility Information
Rules and How to PlayTaken Characters and ReservationsApplying
Player ContactMod ContactAdvertising Code
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[21 Aug 2008|03:31pm]


Hiya! I have a couple Puchiko plushes and a super cute Di Gi Charat clear file folder available in my selling journal. Please head over to Panda Sales to check em out! Thanks! ^o^





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Rabi en rose! Wanted [21 May 2008|09:04pm]

Hi, I am looking for  Rabi  en rose plushies, figures, etc.
I had a pin and a keychain but they have both been lost... T_T
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[05 Mar 2008|09:46am]
Digi Charat Panyo Panyo

You can download the entire series here:

Digi Charat Panyo Panyo COMPLETE Torrent
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Di Gi Charat Stuff for Sale!! [04 Jan 2008|07:29am]

New CLEARANCE section, only 50 CENTS to $2!! Bargain sales!!
TONS of Anime, Manga, Kawaii/cute stuff, and other Japanese goods! Take a look now! Sale ends this Saturday!


Click the image above or here to see pictures!
Newly updated!
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[16 Nov 2007|11:44am]

Anime Character Goods - Imported from Japan! Authentic Release!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Digi Di Gi Charat Pyocola Analogue Plush

Click here for pricing and more info

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[13 Nov 2007|01:05pm]

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chocola 2000 [18 Oct 2007|11:40pm]

hey-- not sure if this is okay, but i was cleaning out my basement, and stumbled across a bunch of old anime artbooks, including the di gi charat chocola 2000 artbook. it doesn't have the glossy cover anymore, but it's in pretty decent condition. would anybody be interested in this artbook? i can take pictures of it. i looked it up on ebay, and i couldn't find it or anything like it-- there's so little di gi merchandise online now! i have no idea what price to ask for it. it is either very rare, or not sought after at all. ;_; anybody know?
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CooxPiyoko. [25 Aug 2007|01:21pm]

Title: Over The Hill
Author: icki_akki
Rating: PG 13...?
Characters/Pairings: CooxPiyoko if you squint, Coo, Piyoko, brief mentions of RikxAkari
Chapters: 1
Summary: She made him feel old.
Author's Note/Warnings + Disclaimer: I don't own DiGi Charat, which belongs to Koge Donbo.

(No witty text for you guys today. D:)
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[23 Aug 2007|02:39pm]

Is this community still ALIVE?

Been looking high and low for the last of the P.K.O songs (they are about twenty years old when trying looking for this stuff at this decade). Since I run torikou, it doesn't help my situation either. I have majority of the songs... Wondering if anyone have the songs to Trinity, Answer, Love Will Find Away and All the Best.

Digi Charat Complete (Chinese) All the lyrics in kanji, romaji and chinese.
Leave It To Piyoko Torrent (Boxtorrents, Sync Point)
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[19 Jul 2007|11:43pm]


finally Bandai USA started releasing the Nyo series, 3 years after it was licensed and 2 years after the promised release date. they cut out the first OP and put the second one instead + they masked faces of Pyoko and the PKO because they only appear in the second half of the show (maybe problem with getting rights for the song again). additionally the dvd menu and the encoding put me off a little
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