Lo ♥ (boyshorts) wrote in digicharat,
Lo ♥

chocola 2000

hey-- not sure if this is okay, but i was cleaning out my basement, and stumbled across a bunch of old anime artbooks, including the di gi charat chocola 2000 artbook. it doesn't have the glossy cover anymore, but it's in pretty decent condition. would anybody be interested in this artbook? i can take pictures of it. i looked it up on ebay, and i couldn't find it or anything like it-- there's so little di gi merchandise online now! i have no idea what price to ask for it. it is either very rare, or not sought after at all. ;_; anybody know?
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I'd love to have it...what kind of price are you looking for? I paid $10(!) for a used copy of 2001 and I recently purchased the new 2006 edition for $15. Willing to pay more than that of course, but just giving you an idea of what things sell for online...
i guess $15 with shipping included, if that would be alright. i have lots of feedback on eBay as make.mine.molotov. :)